Friday, June 19, 2009

Florida Friends

Two of my favorite people live in Florida- Becky Loyd and Lauren Dooley. We were able to catch up with both of them and their cute families.

We had a great day at the beach with the Loyds. Addie Lane was putting the moves on Caleb.. do you see her gazing at him?
Caleb much preferred Lucy... literally robbing the cradle :)
Lucy loved laughing at Becky.
And even though Lauren and Brett had a overseas trip to plan and pack for they were able to come see us for an afternoon. The last time I saw little Harrison he was just a couple days old... they grow up so quickly! His eyes are even more blue in person... beautiful!
Speaking of eyes, when Lauren was with us she said that Lucy's eyes are dark like Addie's. I told her that they are dark blue... which they were. Some time in the last couple weeks they've changed colors on me. Now they are greenish/brownish.

We had such fun hanging out with our sweet friends and their precious boys!

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