Monday, April 16, 2012


We went to the river for Easter weekend with Grandma, Pop, Kelly, Laurie's fam and our fam.  We had lots of fun hiking sugarloaf mountain, making s'mores, and fishing.  We got home on Sunday and during naptime the Easter bunny visited!



We led a Young Life trip to Trail West Family Camp in Colorado and Addie Lane learned to ski! Joel was a great teacher and Addie Lane was a slow but very deliberate skier.  By the third day, she rode up the beginner lift 3 times-  2 greens and a blue.  We were SO proud!

The caterpillar lift was Addie's fav, until she got to ride the BIG lift!
At the top of the mountain

Visitor from Ireland

Aunt Jo came to visit in March!  She's working in Ireland for a year with L'Arche so we have missed seeing her.  The girls loved their new hats for the dress up box, but even more they LOVED seeing Aunt Jo again. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

growing up

I have a lot of updating to do...  pictures coming soon, I promise!
But for now I'm just documenting my growing girls.

Lucy's 3 year old checkup
height 36  28%
weight 30  36%

Claire's 18 month checkup
height 31  30%
weight  22  23%
HC  45.5   22%