Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lucy is 2 !!!

What a fun Birthday!!!
The girls helped me make some heart shaped cookies with pink icing and sprinkles for Lucy's party at school.  When we got home I let Addie Lane eat her cookie and Lucy got a second cookie.

Miller came over to celebrate with us... she ate all the sprinkles off her cookie.
We talked to Nana, Pawpaw and Aunt Jo over skype. 
Before we left the house for her Chick fil A party with the cousins.  Simple and fun and Lucy loved it!

Look at that cake....  PINK! with a princess.  Thanks, Aunt Kelly!

i know this pic isn't in focus, but sweet claire celebrated til she got sleepy.

I know it looks like Monica was the only adult, but the rest of the family was at the other end of the table.

The kids LOVED the playplace.  Here's Lucy smushing her face to the glass...  nice.
Here are her 2 year stats
33 inches   28%
24.4 lbs   19%
Head  48cm  64%

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I've had computer issues, so this is from mid-January....
Snow fun with Laurie, Reid and Miller
Happy to be warm in her carrier

snow angel

Ring around the rosie
ashes, ashes
they all fall down

We went sledding with the Rowlands.  Both girls were hesitant at first but loved it.

Lucy couldn't get enough of the sled
Popcorn snack when we came in...  Luce was worn out!