Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lucy's First Day of School

This post is three weeks late, but better late than never. Lucy loves her backpack and loves to say school, but is not a fan of being without Mama, Daddy and Addie Lane for the day. Her teacher asked if we think she's strong-willed. Ha Ha! Most Definitely!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Birthday Weekend at the River

Addie Lane turned 3 on the 13th and Kelly turned 22 on the 15th, so we celebrated at the river house. Saturday we played at the lake until the kiddos were exhausted.

Pop and me
Lucy and Miller driving the boat
Addie Lane helped Grandma make lunch... really she just ate a LOT of Cheetos!
Miller helping Joel drive
Kelly and Mark
Laurie, Miller and ReidGrandma has a Hello Kitty bingo game and one of the squares has a 3 tiered pink cake. Addie has been saying that she wants that cake for her birthday. Kelly made her dreams come true!
All the cousins getting ready to eat
Trying out her new pink fishing pole and pink princess dress
Happy 3rd Birthday Addie Lane!
Eating cake with Daddy
another princess dress
Pop and the girls on Sunday morning

Addie Lane's 3 year stats:

28 lbs 10oz 28%

37 inches 51%

Friday, August 13, 2010

No More Beauty Mark

At Lucy's first birthday, she had a tiny freckle on her right cheek. If you zoom way in to this picture you can see it.
It was definitely growing and lots of times over the course of the next several months people, including us at first tried to wipe it off her face thinking that it was dirt or food. As it grew, more and more people commented that they didn't remember her having it last time they saw her.... it was noticeably getting bigger. We showed the pediatrician several times over the course of the next 6 months and finally at her 18 month appointment he thought it was best that we go to a dermatologist to get it checked. The dermatologist said that since it had grown so rapidly and because it was so dark he thought it best to get it taken off. He sent us to a great plastic surgeon that agreed it should come off. SAD! We loved Lucy's beauty mark.
Here is Lucy the morning of the surgery
Waiting for anesthesia.. she had to be put to sleep.

It was a quick surgery and the doctors said that she did great. She woke up pretty angry and scared, but within 15 or 20 minutes was back to her happy self. I gave her some Tylenol when we got home, but other than that she has had no other pain meds. The plastic surgeon stitched the inside skin but only used Dermabond (a sort of super glue for skin) to seal the outer skin. The purple hue is from the Dermabond and should go away within the next 10 days. Lucy has been such a trooper and as happy and active as ever.
Here's she is post surgery.
The pathology report came back and all is clear. Praise the Lord!! None of the doctors thought that it was cancerous, but it's great to know for sure.
Lucy is beautiful with and without her beauty mark:)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Big Girl Bed

In preparation for Baby #3, we decided to go ahead and put Lucy in her big girl bed. So, we took down the bunkbeds and did a little rearranging and both girls are smitten with sharing a room. Lucy loves her newfound freedom... a little too much. We put them in bed and here's what we found the first night after 45 minutes of extra playtime... Lucy and Elmo sleeping on the carpet in between the beds.

We put her in bed and she slept great and found her like this the next morning.

Night #2

After extra playtime Lucy decides to sleep at the foot of Addie's bed.

We put her in bed and we didn't hear a peep out of her all night, so I don't know when this happened....

but the next morning Addie Lane came into our room and said that Lucy's feet are peeking out from under her bed. Poor Lucy, slept on the hardwood floor for part of the night.
Sweet sisters... they do love being together!
Lucy has done great at night, but naptimes are still a struggle. I can't believe that we put Addie Lane in her bed at 16 months and she just obeyed and stayed in the bed. Two cute girls, two VERY different personalities!

The Lake

We had a great time at the lake with old friends and babies.
Lucy loved the tube, can't you tell?
Addie had to be talked into tubing... she'll tell you she liked it, but when asked if she wants to go again she'll quickly say no.
All the little girls- Lucy, Anna Wells Brewer, Addie Lane and Annie Toy.
Mac Brewer was there too, but I got home without a picture of him.