Tuesday, May 10, 2011



Claire loves sitting up these days
but on occasion still topples over...
the girls get a kick out of it.
I got them swimsuits with tutus and Addie Lane calls it her new dress.  I told her that it was a swimsuit and she corrected me, "no, Mom, swimsuits don't have SKIRTS!"

new house!

We sold our house (**Praise the Lord!!**) and close the day we go on our Young Life Summer Assignment to Sharptop Cove for a month.  When we come back at the end of June we are hoping that our new house.........
is ready to move into.  If you know Joel, you know that he loves a project and this has been a BIG one!  We've gutted the kitchen and master bath and are slowly but steadily putting them back together.  I'll try to post some before and after pictures once it is done.