Wednesday, May 23, 2012

mud island

While I was hosting a baby shower for a dear friend, Joel took the girls to Mud Island. They came back happy and wet!


Addie played soccer this spring. She got excited every time it was practice or a game and loves kicking the ball at home, but being aggressive is not her strong suit. She probably only touched the ball a handful of times in her 5 games (most of which were throwing it in from the sideline!), but we are thankful to play and learn a new sport with fun friends.
i promise she was wearing shorts!  :)

The bobble head trophy is her new favorite thing... she wanted to sleep with it!

Monday, May 21, 2012

New Orleans

We spent a long weekend in NO to celebrate Jared and Amy getting married! We had the BEST time staying with Leigh, Andrew, Sylvia and Laura Hurley. The girls thought that Sylvia was the coolest girl ever, not to mention that her dress-up selection was to die for.

Laura and Claire loved some mardi gras beads

We spent one afternoon with Nana and Pawpaw at the aquarium. FUN!!

my two bigger fish had swimming lessons this week. Both did great all week! Their teacher, Ms. Holly, said that they were born to swim! So proud of my swimmers!
Jumping into the deep end and swimming underwater, coming up for a breath and swimming some more
swimming on her back
diving to the bottom for princesses

Miller and Lucy took lessons together... The first day Ms. Holly said that Lucy was sweet to Miller when she cried and didn't want to put her face in the water.  For a while Miller and Lucy weren't very close- mostly because Lucy was always in Miller's face, but they have become best buds lately!  YAY!
Lucy had the best attitude all week, but then on Friday when they show off to the parents the last 15 minutes of class, Lucy could do all the stuff, but she was a cry baby...  boo!