Monday, February 27, 2012

A few Christmas moments.

Christmas carols from the Scoggins girls.

 Wouldn't be our girls without some goofy faces.

 Christmas morning.
 The Family Christmas Pic on Grandma and Pop's swing.
 All the cousins.

Lucy's 3!!! (a little late on the post)

Our sweet, full of personality, crazy, lovable Lucy is 3!!! Last month we celebrated her birthday with all the cousins with a morning party complete with a donut cake (pink with sprinkles...her favorite), princess theme, presents and a pinata. We are so thankful God's gift of Lucy to our family. She definitely makes life more fun (and a lot of other things as well). Enjoy the pics...sorry it's been a while.

 Lucy always love a present...and making crazy faces.

 Lucy and Miller actually being nice to each other as they get older.
 The cousins...minus baby Jane.
Lucy gearing up to hit the pinata.