Wednesday, June 30, 2010

mmmm...ICE CREAM!

This goes against everything in Joel, my clean loving hubby. Knowing my parents, I'm pretty sure I was this messy most of my childhood.

Waiting for Daddy

Monday, June 14, 2010

Trail West!

Trail West is a Young Life family camp just outside of Buena Vista, Colorado. We had the BEST time swimming, hiking, pony riding, rodeoing, square dancing, jeep touring, and enjoying some quality family time. Lots of laughing, lots of fun and no cooking for a week... what a vacation!
We drove out with some friends, the Oziers, who have 4 little ones. The kiddos did great and we had some fun stops along the way.
Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs
Addie Lane, Celie and Francie Ozier
All the traveling buddies- Oziers and Scoggins

Going to an early morning wrangler breakfast
cowgirls eat froot loops, right?

Going to the rodeo
prepping for pony rides

Lucy loved petting the goat, bunnies, pigs, etc. Addie Lane loved seeing them up close, but was much more hesitant.
She loved riding Mac the pony. This is her 2nd ride. As much as Lucy loves animals, I thought she'd get so excited to ride a pony... but the second I put her on there she screamed. Then I tried putting her on there with Addie... again, lots of screaming. Maybe next time..

All the Kids Klub wranglers doted on Addie Lane all week. She hiked up the mountain with (actually, mostly being carried by or on the shoulders of) several of her special friends.

enjoying the view and loving some goldfish. It's hard work being carried up a mountain!
Lucy fell asleep about half way down the mountain
And then stayed asleep even once the baby backpack was off

Addie Lane wanted to stay at Kids Klub, but we took Lucy with us jeeping and to feed the chipmunks. She would squeal with excitement everytime they would crawl on her or eat out of her hand- so cute!

Square Dancing with Daddy
Claire, Addie Lane's favorite new friend

Playing at the huge fort and playground