Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Labor Day at the beach

Some sweet friends of ours offered their beach condo to us for Labor Day. We were so excited! We had sunscreen, swim diapers, floats, beach toys... My sis, Kelly, went with us for a tan and to help with the girls. We were all ready for sun and fun!
Unfortunately, hurricane lee was rolling through the whole 3 days we were there. BOO! Joel and the big girls got in the pool once... in the rain.
We did a lot of tv/movie watching, fort building, games- twister and cards, and we even went to an antique mall one day.
The highlight of the weekend was going to the outlets. I LOVE the outlets!
I really wanted some cute beach pics.. this isn't really what I had in mind. The wind was so strong that even on the boardwalk out to the beach the sand was hitting our legs and stinging.  We weren't outside for long!


Claire is standing on her own these days, but no steps yet.  She's got 4 teeth coming in on the top and 2 coming in on the bottom.  Her first tooth started coming through about 9 months.  Surprisingly, 6 teeth coming in hasn't affected her happy personality.  Sweet girl!

Can you see them?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Addie is 4!!

We celebrated Addie Lane's birthday at the river house in Heber Springs again with my family.  We played on the lake all day and then partied that night. 

Princess Cake made by Kelly and Becca.  Addie Lane LOVED it!
Laurie got Addie some pink sparkle Toms.  Miller has some and the first time Addie saw them she said (totally seriously), "Those shoes are amazing!"

Claire is drinking all the sippy cups while no one is watching...  cute girl!
3rd from left is Becca, our newest family member.  She is one of Kelly's best friends from Auburn and is living with Mom, Dad and Kelly and a nurse at LeBonheur

Her 4 year old stats:
Height: 40 inches 51%
Weight: 33 lbs 31%


Addie Lane's first day of pre-k. Lucy and Claire's first day of mother's day out.

This girl LOVES to eat!

Claire is almost one and I can't wait to go to the doctor for her well check-up to see if my once small (4th percentile weight) girl has climbed the charts at all.  She is always happy, but I think eating might be her favorite activity.  :)

Aunt Jo

Aunt Jo came to town before she moved to Ireland to work with L'Arche.  We had the best time at the children's museum and making little pizzas and brownies.  Thanks for coming, Jo!  We miss you already!


wild one

On any given night you can find Lucy asleep on the stairs. Her strong will wants to push the limits on most everything, so we told her that as long as she was upstairs she could sleep anywhere... I guess she took that literally.

Notice that both legs are through one leg-hole of her shorts.  She put them on herself.. I tried to fix them and she said she wanted them that way.  Ha!
I guess her bear likes the stairs too.

My little ballerinas

Addie Lane will start ballet this fall...  She has been putting on leotards and "dancing" for over a year. These days she likes for me to introduce her before she does her show. Lucy is in on the fun too. If Addie Lane has on a leotard, then Lucy is sure to put hers on too. Here they are on their "stage."