Thursday, August 27, 2009

Addie Lane got Lei'd

Addie Lane loved her Luau party for her 2nd birthday. Necklaces, flowers, balloons, pools, family, chicken nuggets, pineapple, cupcakes and presents... what more could a girl want??

Lucy took a 3.5 hour morning nap and missed most of the party!

Miller got sleepy from all the fun

This girl loves some Lip smackers

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

growing girls

We went for Addie Lane's 2 year and Lucy's 6 month (a little late, I know) doctor's appointments today. I'm so thankful for happy, healthy girls!
Addie Lane
25lbs. 25%
33in. 25%

14lbs. 25%
27in. 75%

Monday, August 17, 2009

Lounging at the Lake

Once a year some of my college buds get together for a weekend. We eat, ski, tube, talk, lounge, and play at the pool... always a great weekend to relax, reconnect with friends and enjoy the lake. Last year Addie Lane was the only kiddo. This year she was joined by Anna Wells, Lucy and Annie. What precious girls!!

We celebrated Addie Lane's 2nd birthday with a yummy cake. She was accessorized well for the party.

Andy and Lucy are best friends.. I fed her and changed her diapers, but the rest of the weekend she was hanging out with Andy.

Anna Wells, you are beautiful just like your Mama.

Annie is a big fan of bouncing on an exercise ball.

Katherine and Ben making kabobs

Annie sleeping while we enjoyed the pool

Mel and sleepy Annie

cruising on the boat

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I love Sunday afternoon...

The 2 year olds must play hard at church. Addie Lane usually comes home extra tired and ready for naptime.
And after Lucy eats she's ready for her nap too. What a pretty girl!

And when both girls are sleeping soundly, guess what Mama and Daddy are doing? Usually taking a nap as well. Aaaahhhh, so nice :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Gena's house

Gena is my grandmother and Addie, Lucy and Miller's great-grandmother. She's 88, but you'd never know it by how active she is. Before we came over, she had already walked a mile and been out running errands.
We had lunch and then played over at her house for a while. Addie Lane loves to play Gena's keyboard and sit in her lap. Lucy and Miller had some tummy time together.
How grateful I am for my sweet grandmother and the BIG family that she's raised to know and love the Lord.